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Category: Sauce

Description Your family health matters a lot. Our Ken Chilli sauce contains natural plant ingredients derived from red chilli paper that are known to have disease preventing and health promoting properties. It’s made from Fresh red and green chili peppers which are a rich source of vitamin-C
Available Quantity 250g, 5Kgs
Category: Sauce

Description Spark your family’s imagination by introducing Ken tomato ketchup at every meal. The spiced tomato offers you with mouth wetting and appetizing feeling. Good for Burgers, fries, pastry and all snacks. It has a high value of natural nutrients to keep your family healthy and happy at every meal.
Available Quantity 400g
Category: Sauce

Description A blend of red fresh tomato juice and chilli makes our Ken hot and sweet chilli sauce. Give your meals a strong spicy pungent taste that will re-vitalize your appetite. The chilli seeds contain capsaicin which has anti-bacteria, analgesic and anti-diabetic properties
Available Quantity 250g, 400g
Category: Sauce

Description Revitalize your appetite by taking ken hot and sweet garlic sauce. A blend of red fresh tomatoes and garlic helps maintain blood pressure, prevents intestinal infection, improves eyesight and gives sound sleep and strength.
Available Quantity 400g, 250g